Machine Acquisitions

Shamrock sells new machines sourced from factories and distributors with solid reputations for quality and service.

After decades in the machinery business, Shamrock receives a large amount of information on used items up for sale. We also subscribe to journals and directories that give us a head start on spotting machines of interest. The machines that we present to you  are pre-qualified based on your request.

We handle the following lines of new machines. They are based on best-of-class designs and utilize standard off-the-shelf components that can be sourced both at the machine tool builder or in the aftermarket.

ACRA – Full line distributor of machines made in Taiwan. Click on any of the following brochures.

ACRA-SET Lathe brochure

ACRA-SFT Lathe brochure

ACRA-SGT Lathe brochure

ACRA-SHT Lathe brochure

ACRA ASG-1 Surface Grinder BROCHURE

ACRA-CNC Lathes brochure

NEWAY – Full line machine tool builder of CNC machines in China. Click on any of the following brochures.

NEWAY SMG Ball Valve Grinder – searchable

NEWAY NL Flat Bed Lathe – searchable

NEWAY General – searchable

NEWAY Automatic line – searchable

NEWAY VNL Vertical Lathe – searchable

NEWAY VMC – searchable