About us

Shamrock Machinery Management LLC is a machinery wholesaler. We buy and sell both new and used machine tools. Included are manual and CNC versions of lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines and band saws. We have a large supply of machine manuals and electrical schematics. Shamrock also supplies parts for Ryazan lathes, Dean Smith & Grace lathes as well as other brands of machines.

Shamrock Machinery Management LLC is family owned. Four generations of the Richards family have been involved with machine tool sales for over 75 years. Shamrock is located in Galveston, Texas. Based in Texas, Shamrock serves North America as well as Canada and Mexico.


Machine Manuals, Prints and Schematics

Machine Manuals for Sale Please click on any of the items listed below to go to that manual section. The pricing guide is at the bottom of this page. We currently use PayPal for credit card processing. Dean Smith & Grace Lathe Parts Manuals Ryazan Lathe Parts Manuals A – Manuals B – Manuals C

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Machine Parts

Shamrock has had a long relationship with the Ryazan Machine Tool Plant in Ryazan, Russia. These lathes were also sold as Stanko lathes by Stan Canada. We also assist with Dean Smith & Grace lathe parts. You are welcome to download the following manuals to make sure your parts order is correct. Please provide Model

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Machine Liquidation

Let Shamrock join your team. BTW, we only get paid if we sell your equipment. You need all the straight commission employees you can find! Here are some of the things we can help with: Photos. Assembling a specification sheet and a quotation. Researching the market and determining a reasonable asking price. Handling customer questions

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Machine Acquisitions

Shamrock sells new machines sourced from factories and distributors with solid reputations for quality and service. After decades in the machinery business, Shamrock receives a large amount of information on used items up for sale. We also subscribe to journals and directories that give us a head start on spotting machines of interest. The machines

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Customers tell us it’s the most important determining factor why they call Shamrock. After 40 years of locating, evaluating, purchasing, warehousing, sourcing parts, repairing, doing market research, pricing, advertising, selling… Shamrock knows machines.


A machine purchase is often the result of either a machine breakdown or of a hot job quote getting accepted. So the need is immediate. Being available for our customers when they need us is critical. We realize we bear a tremendous responsibility — money, productivity, and customers’ satisfaction are all on the line.


Successful business is built on satisfied customers and repeat business. We are acutely aware that our success depends on your success. We use 40 years of experience to give you our best advice and make every effort to make sure your machine purchase results in a “win-win”.


At Shamrock, even though we spend our time thinking about machines, we’re really all about building relationships with people. Without partnerships between various groups of people—loyal customers, reliable vendors, dedicated employees — we would not get much accomplished.

Qualified Product

“Machine Tools” doesn’t really tell the whole story. They are “Precision Machine Tools”. Many jobs require new machines with tight tolerances. In this modern day of ISO requirements and strict accountability, only a new machine will do. Some jobs only require a machine that runs. Some very successful shops started with old equipment. We try to understand your needs and present options that match the job and your budget.


  • We sell new and used machines. We can help you narrow a hundred choices down to a handful that can get the job done. Our forty years of experience can help you clarify your thoughts on what you need.
  • We can help you sell your surplus machines by providing access to a large group of machine shops and other machinery dealers.
  • We sell machine parts for Ryazan and Dean, Smith and Grace. We can help you source parts for many other machine brands.
  • We sell a variety of machine manuals and electrical schematics. We can help you source the manuals that we don’t have.